Alone Together, The Game


Current modes of real estate development prescribe a predictable formula for living: suite of bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and leisure spaces that scale up or down to accommodate normative assumptions. Generally inhabitants’ needs and desires are predicated on a few broad factors such as family size, income, and stage of life. Such calculations leave little space for the endless variety of human living arrangements, relationships and economic circumstances. Real estate products thus conceived are underused, overpriced and unsustainable, as they are fundamentally incompatible with the diverse forms of city life. Created for the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale, Alone Together, The Game invites players to explore new configurations of living space, and to consider an alternative calculus for creating places to call home. Game play prompts consideration of the advantages and drawbacks of shared living arrangements. In so doing, it elucidates the social and pragmatic priorities that underpin residential patterns, revealing programmatic needs and not formal desires.

Team: Luke Andersen, AJP Artemel, Cody Campanie, Michael Robinson Cohen, Alex Dobbins, Sebastijan Jemec, Georgia Diva McGovern, Violette de la Selle, Will Sheridan, Radhika Sigh, Amy Su, Alice Tai