A Singular Focus

Handmade furniture with a foundation in humanity and architecture — beautiful objects made for living.

Design with Life in Mind

Our work studies the rituals of life in the home. We sleep. We sit. We set. We store. In motion and in rest we turn to thoughtful objects that enhance these rites of living.

Made to Last the Ages

Each piece in our collections is crafted entirely from solid wood. The use of traditional joinery methods maximizes strength, allows for seasonal wood movement and creates surfaces and intersections free of ornament.

Mindful Materiality

Wood continues to breathe, move and take on new characteristics long after its life as a tree. We employ building and finishing techniques that enhance durability and embrace the natural beauty of solid wood.

All pieces are finished by hand with a combination of natural oils and wax. Multiple coats of finish are buffed into the surface of the wood to provide protection while creating a soft, matte luster.

On Campagna

Campagna is the studio of furniture maker Cody Campanie. Born in 1986 in New York State, Cody studied architecture at Brown University and cabinet making at Seattleā€™s Wood Technology Center. His academic and professional pursuits have bridged architecture, craft and hospitality.